10 Of the Best Gardening Technology Gadgets Out There

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When you think of technology, the mind will usually think of someone behind a computer screen or indoors. But technology is so widespread that it can influence all facets of our lives. If you have green fingers and love to spend time in the garden then gardening technology gadgets are for you. They combine the best technologies with the weird and wonderful environments of our gardens. From tracking our plants to cutting the grass – all our gardening chores can now be assisted by gadgets. Here are some of the best ones available to buy today:

1.      Garden Compass Smartphone App

This app is available to download on iOS and Android devices. Simply upload a photo of your plant or flower and experts from around the world will be able to identify what species you have. You can also ask queries such as how to deal with pests or why a plant doesn’t seem healthy. The app is free for your first three submissions but will then cost £4 a month for a subscription.

2.      Stihl HLA 85 Telescopic Cordless Hedge Trimmer

This state of the art hedge trimmer is so quiet that you won’t even wake the neighbours with its brushless motor. One full charge of this battery charged device will give you 140 minutes of cutting with its extendable cutter. Available for £616, it’s definitely an investment.

3.      Olloclip Macro Pro Lens

If you are a gardener that loves to show off their garden with photos then this is the gardening technology for you. Simply clip it on to your iPhones camera lens and it will give you up to 100X zoom. You can get great photos or even be able to analyse the plants structure with that sort of magnification.

4.      Parrott Flower Power Plant Monitor

Simply place this in the plant pot and it will let you know exactly when to water your plants through sending a notification to your phone. It monitors moisture, sunlight, food and temperature in order to let you know how to best take care of your flower/plant. This little gem costs £39.99.

5.      Hozelock Cloud Controller

When you go on holiday you usually have to rely on the neighbours to water your plants, but not anymore. Hook this up to your existing Hozelock irrigation set-up and you can remotely water plants from your phone. It also sends weather updates and lets you know the best course of action to take. It costs around £114.

6.      Gardening Technology: Husqvarna Automower 450X

Okay, so it is a bit expensive at it’s £2,800 price tag. But it is one of the coolest garden gadgets you will see. It will remotely cut your grass to the highest standard using its GPS system. You can even remotely stop and start it. You’ll never have to go to the effort of cutting the grass again.