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Project Description

Sportessex’s role is to ensure that everyone in Essex has the opportunity to take part in sport at the level that they want to. We believe that you should be able to fulfill your sporting ambitions however big or small, so whether that’s winning gold in the Olympics, kicking a ball around with your friends or swimming your first length of the pool, sportessex is here to help you.

How do we do it?

sportessex works in partnership with many organisations across the County to promote sport and set up exciting new sporting opportunities. We have much to offer in Essex for participants and investors alike and we also help others to source funding. If there is anything you think we could help you with, just get in touch.

sportessex is laying the foundations for a healthier, more active Essex but we also want people to have fun and get the most out of their sporting experiences. So why not take advantage of all that our great county has to offer by getting out there and enjoying it!