The Changing World Of Sport

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Sport has come a long way in the last few years, from the ways injuries are treated to how different sports are viewed and portrayed across the world. One of the most important changes that has been made in the sporting world is the way head injuries are handled and dealt with.

Rugby And Head Injuries

Rugby is a dangerous sport and comes with many different hazards and potential for injuries. One of the most common injuries closely linked to tackling in rugby are head injuries. Concussion often occurs as a result of a clash of heads by two players. If left unnoticed it could potentially lead to loss of consciousness , brain damage , dizziness and in the worst case death. Lack of knowledge on the effects of concussion and its prevalence in the sport was rife for many years up until the early 2000s. This can be partly contributed to ignorance towards medical injuries within the sport and a laid back attitude.

Football And Injuries

As well as rugby football has had its fair share of head injuries within the sport. Similarly concussion was often overlooked and players allowed to continue play if they could stand back up and appear composed. Now tests are much more rigorous to ensure the safety of the players. Play can be stopped and medics can conduct quick tests to ensure that players are not concussed. Football has always treated other injuries seriously such as leg injuries but has not always focused on head injuries.

Increased Competition And Pressure

Within recent years there has been a surge in athletes opening up about mental health. Previously mental health has always been a taboo subject for both society and sport. However due to increased demands and pressure rising numbers of athletes are speaking out about how much pressure they are under or mental health conditions that may be affecting them. Sadly a spate of suicides within the sports industry highlighted the issues within the sports industry.

Consumerism And Business In Sports

Business and sport have always been intertwined. However we have moved a long way since the days of humble billboards or signs a football matches. Now advertisements at events such as the super-bowl or the premier league final run into the millions. Many companies jostle to compete with each other in the fight to win an ad slot or advertise with a certain team. Sports have also become considerably more expensive to watch live. Exclusive sports which have been previously free in the past now cost money to watch. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for large football teams to have have empty stadiums despite having considerably large fan bases.

What can be concluded from consumerism and business in sports that although it has brought opportunities and new facilities to many sports clubs and organisations it has also caused a decline in numbers of spectators across many sports due to price hikes and increases in costs to acess games. Overall fundamental changes need to be made in order to keep people interested and engaged within sport without breaking the bank balance.