Why You Should Consider Studying In Edinburgh

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Edinburgh is a beautiful city full of historic charm and a vibrant student experience. From renowned universities to a thriving arts scene, Edinburgh has something for everyone.

Heriot-Watt students will enjoy the cosy pubs that serve casual drinks and traditional Scottish meals on the ground floor while the club downstairs is where you can dance until the early hours.


When you first move away from home to study in Edinburgh, it’s likely that socialising will be high on your agenda. This is because Edinburgh is famous for its lively nightlife and has a huge amount of bars, clubs, theatres and cinemas to choose from.

The city is also compact in size and most of these attractions are within walking distance, so you can easily explore the city on foot.

The city also has a vibrant bar and club scene with everything from traditional pubs to the best cocktail bars in Edinburgh.


Edinburgh has a long tradition of academic excellence and is home to several world-class universities. The city’s universities offer a broad selection of undergraduate courses and are renowned for their research. Many of Edinburgh’s universities are ranked top in the UK for their teaching and research in subjects like education, arts, medicine, business and engineering.

University life is about more than just studying, and it’s important to enjoy your time away from the classroom. Edinburgh’s thriving cultural scene is sure to provide students with plenty of opportunities to get involved in exciting new experiences.

Whether it’s visiting a museum or taking part in one of the famous festivals, there’s something for everyone in this lively city. 

Job Opportunities

Whether you’re interested in art, fashion, or textiles, Edinburgh has something for everyone. Students can find jobs with the city’s many cultural organizations or take advantage of Heriot-Watt’s Scottish Borders campus, a train ride away, which boasts “the largest knit and weave studios and longest screen-print table in Europe”.

The capital of Scotland is a beautiful place to live and work. It is known as the ‘Athens of the North’ for its neo-classical architecture, stunning topography, and historic castles. It also has a vibrant nightlife and Michelin-starred restaurants. Plus, it’s where J.K Rowling penned the first book in her blockbuster series at a quaint Edinburgh cafe!

Student Accommodation

Edinburgh is an excellent choice for students seeking top-class education and life experiences. With world-class universities, it offers a wide range of courses in sciences, technology, business, arts, and language. The city also has a vibrant culture and beautiful scenery. Its convenient location makes it easy to travel around and enjoy the best of Scotland’s offerings.

You can find convenient student accommodation around campuses to make your university life easier, and saving you money in the long-run on weekly travel to and from the city centre.