Benefits of Acoustic Glazing Windows

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Replacing your home’s windows and doors is an important part of the renovation process. Windows can significantly increase your property’s value, and they have the ability to make your property sell faster. If you notice that your windows are rusty, moulding, letting in drafts, difficult to open, building condensation, or letting in too much outdoor noise, it is time to replace your windows. Acoustic glazing in Glasgow is a popular choice and comes with many benefits, which is why it is favoured among homeowners.

What Is Acoustic Glazing?

Acoustic glazing windows are made from laminated glass panes, that can consist of two or more. They are also made with polyvinyl butyral, which increases their acoustic performance without compromising on light-transmitting properties or clarity. In addition to energy-saving features, acoustic glass can also be installed as secondary glazing in sash windows.

Reduces heat loss

Acoustic glass is installed on double-glazed windows, because it is made of two layers of slightly different thickness. Due to the glass thickness, and the added insulation, it keeps the heat indoors. This means, there is no need to constantly rely on your heating. By the windows insulating heat in the cold winter months, you can save money on your energy bills.

Reduces noise

There are a variety of options for noise reduction with windows. Acoustic glazing windows reduce noise from the outside by using a grouping of different types of glass. This type of glazing is best for structures in high-traffic areas. It is made with a combination of low-emitting and high-emitting glass. If your windows have an STC rating of 45 or higher, this type of glazing is the best choice for your home.

Added Security

Acoustic glazing increases your home’s security. The glass panels are much harder to break-through than single-glazed windows. Adding these types of windows into a property, not only increases the overall security, but can add as a bonus for potential buyers. It can put the homeowners mind at rest to know that their home is safe, and the windows are difficult to open or break from the outside.


Depending on the type of window frame you select, UPVC and PVB are what is used to bound the windows together in order to keep the panes as secure as possible. This type of material is extremely durable and will not have to be replaced for up to 20 years. This is another bonus if you are planning to sell. This feature can increase your property value and profit, especially because buyers often look for homes with brand new windows and doors.

Final Words

Acoustic glazing windows are a great feature to add to your home. It can modernise and increase its value. You can decide on your style and window frame to suit your home’s aesthetic. Be sure to find a reputable company in Glasgow who can offer expert advice and a value for money offer. It is best to research different installation companies, and visit showrooms to see exactly what styles are available and which suit you best.