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Hormone imbalances affect both men and women, and luckily, there are natural ways to help balance them. Hormonal imbalances can cause symptoms like mood swings, acne, and affect your sex drive. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to depression and infertility. You can balance your hormones naturally by incorporating the right nutrients and lifestyle changes, but not before getting a specifically designed females or male hormone test. Listed below are some options for a healthy lifestyle.

What Are Hormones?

Hormones are chemical substances that behave like messengers in the body travelling from one part to another. After being produced in one part of the body, they travel to other parts of the body where they contribute and help other organs perform their roles.

with all the increasing number of research and products that look for ways to help maintain womens beauty and health, tt might seem like the health and well-being of men are often overlooked—especially conditions related to hormonal imbalance. And since the proper functioning of the endocrine system is critical to one’s health, it’s essential to nourish and support it, which can be done by getting a male hormone test and following a doctors advise. However, in some cases people prefer to more natural remedies for hormonal imbalance before they start with stronger medication. In this article we will discuss the other ways you can get your hormones back on track.


While the hormones found in men are unending, testosterone stands out the most. Although it’s present in both males and females, it plays a predominant role in the male body such as:

·         Bone and muscle formation

·         Storing fat

·         Producing blood cells

Unfortunately, testosterone levels tend to decline gradually with age, that ultimately leads to further problems down the lane, some of which are:

·         Infertility

·         Erectile dysfunction

·         Fatigue

·         Irritability

·         Anemia and iron deficiency

·         Weight gain

Balancing Hormones Naturally

Herbs have been around for centuries and many generations before us have relied strongly on them to: enhance the flavours of their dishes or take advantage of their therapeutic properties. And most of those traditions can be found in households even nowadays, and probably each of us have used herbs one way or another.

The effects of herbs on the endocrine system and the production of hormones have been studied for long and we now know quite a lot about it. But still, not much of the traditional medication that is widely used by nations is backed by science, thus making it harder to differentiate between facts and myths.

Not to worry, though. We’ve saved you the hassle by sifting through evidence and have compiled a list of the top three herbs claiming to support your hormones.



Although not readily available in your local supermarket, Ashwagandha, an Indian herbal medicine, is highly rewarding to incorporate into your diet.

The Indian ginseng, more commonly referred to as the winter cherry, is known to provide several benefits, including:

·         Improving sperm motility

·         Increasing sperm count

·         Regulating testosterone levels

Maca Root

The Maca root, native to South America, is known to regulate hormonal levels. Unlike most herbs, Maca does not increase the production of hormones. Rather it acclimatises itself to the body and provides regulation depending on the body’s hormone requirements.

So, if you’re not producing enough testosterone, or perhaps too much of it, Maca keeps a check. It’s also proven to work as a natural Viagra by helping with impotence and endurance.

Milk Thistle

Apart from the endocrine system, the liver also plays a crucial role in metabolising wasted hormones and discarding them. Therefore, proper disposal of these used chemicals is vital to maintaining a hormonal balance.

Milk thistle is proven to boost liver functioning and thus indirectly balance hormones in men.

Other Ways to Improve Hormonal Imbalance

·         Exercising and meditating regularly

·         Getting a good night’s sleep

·         Taking care of your BMI

·         Eating a balanced diet

man exercising

A Word of Caution

Although herbs are known for their vast therapeutic properties, you should used them carefully. The ‘right’ dosage, a somewhat subjective term, remains unknown. So, before including these herbs in your cooking regime, make sure to consult a doctor and get a male hormone test first, to know exactly what your body needs and where it underperformes.