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Intensive Driving Courses Edinburgh

If you have been thinking about learning to drive in the area of Edinburgh, why not consider intensive driving courses Edinburgh? With the city being one of the least popular places for Scots to drive in, you will need some intense lessons to learn your way around the city’s peculiarities.

This article sets out some of the key things to remember about driving in Edinburgh, as well as some of the best points about taking an intensive driving courses Edinburgh. It may just end up working out better for you in the long run.

Things To Note About Driving In Edinburgh

City Centre Restrictions

Like many cities, Edinburgh has very strict restrictions and many streets are off-limits to private cars. Many are only bus lanes and you will be charged a hefty fine if you find yourself on one of these roads. Be very aware of all signposting and make sure there are always other private cars around you.

Intensive Driving Courses Edinburgh


Some people in the city have decided it is far easier to cycle, but this means the avid drivers among us have to be that little bit more aware. Always check your mirrors before turning and make sure to double check there are no cyclists around you.

Expensive Parking

Another thing to note is that parking can often be expensive, especially during the day and on Saturdays. Like many places in Scotland, it is free after 6.30pm and on Sundays, but it can still cost about £20 to park for a day during the week.

Intensive Driving Courses Edinburgh

Learn Fast

Intensive driving courses are great because you learn a hell of a lot in a very short space of time. Many people go from complete beginner to driving pro in 1 to 4 weeks! This is great if you have a deadline to meet or need to be on the road as fast as possible. The intensity means you rarely forget skills between lessons and are more likely to retain information.

Intensive Driving Courses Edinburgh

Tested In Your Area

Another great thing is that all lessons, and your test route, will be based in an area of your choice. This way of doing intensive driving courses Edinburgh is great because you will learn all about the difficult bits mentioned above, and be professionals before you’ve even passed the test.

Sometimes The Cheaper Option

The last thing is that intensive driving courses Edinburgh can be the cheaper option. Due to the booking being made in block payments rather than individual payments for each lesson, you often end up getting a better deal.