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Dental Marketing Firm

Although the NHS fund some dental treatments, such as a check up for treatments for children, most dental services are private. So for many dentists they are not only performing medical treatments but are also running a local business. Part of running a business is to make sure you are earning a profit in order to pay wages and bills and for dentists this is collating a portfolio of patients. If you are opening a brand new practice, a great strategy for you would to hire a dental marketing firm who are specialists in marketing for dentists. Read on to find out more.

Dental Marketing Firm

Benefits of Specialist Marketers

Marketing is one of the most difficult jobs in business. Trying to come up with engaging content that attracts new customers to your business as well as retain existing customers.

  • Smart Jargon

Each industry has their own jargon and specialist language that appeal to consumers interested in that industry. With specialist marketers they understand the industry inside out and spend time getting to know customers and language that work well in advertising.

  • Press Relationships

With specialist agencies, they have already done the ground work in building relationships with the press. Negotiations about newspaper and magazine ads are easier when you already have built that strong relationship.

  • Who’s The Competition?

A specialist agency know the industry inside and out, knowing all your major competitors – which is key in building a successful marketing campaign.

  • Passionate

One thing a specialist agency is that they are passionate about your industry and want to help develop and grow your business with you.

Dental Marketing Firm

Marketing Tips For Dentists

  • Optimise Your Google Business Page

Your Google business page will have all the information a potential patient may need including practice address, phone number and website. Ensure that your Google Business is updated and optimised with links to your website and online booking system as well as any patient testimonials.

  • Modernise Your Website

With everyone using technology and their smartphones for everything, why not keep up to date with technology trends and competitors by including these features on your website:

  • Online scheduling
  • Online bill pay
  • Online prescription renewal
  • Messaging capabilities so patients can communicate quickly with dental providers
  • Profiles for each dentist
  • A healthy supply of videos (see more about that further down)
  • Content that helps patients keep their mouths—and lives—healthy
  • Start A Blog

A blog is a great way of giving patients a place to find information about your business or about dental health from a trusted source. A blog is also great for SEO and getting you at the top of Google’s rankings.

Dental Marketing Firm