5 Office Technologies That Are Changing How We Work

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Office technologies are constantly improving and with the day and age that we live in, they are only going to keep doing so. Technology is now a part of every single facet of our lives. It helps us get up in the morning, exercise, socialise, work and can even track our sleep. While at times it can feel invasive and overbearing, it has also helped improve our lives and optimise our time. These are some of the ways that technology has not only changed but also improved the way in which we work.

Work from Anywhere

Working from your own home or a coffee shop were unthinkable in previous generations. The thought of not turning up at the office was not an option for anyone. But thanks to improvements in technology we can now conduct our business from almost anywhere. Better internet, security and software has meant that people can work around their own schedules and be where they need to be.

While this isn’t the case for every office – some will still take more traditional stances – it is becoming increasingly popular. You can chat to clients or colleagues instantly without having to even be in the same country as them.

The Introduction of Robots

That title reads like the start of a sci-fi movie but is further becoming our reality. Robots and Artificial Intelligence are making their way into our offices. AI’s such as Amazon’s Alexa can be used to easily do scheduling and sending messages, meaning that we don’t have to spend time labouring over medial tasks.

Robots are not as common as AI but it is not impossible that they won’t eventually be. Technology such as software robots are increasingly more common. They conduct jobs on computers that humans have traditionally done. Making life easier and giving employees more time for other tasks.

The Cloud

A very useful piece of office technologies is the cloud. This has given people the resource to access company resources from nearly any device and any place with an internet connection. Then allowing them to do work from different locations such as on the bus to work. This gives employees more trust with companies as well – as they are being trusted with company files outside of the workplace.

Office Technologies: The Use of Microlearning

The further technology advances the more we have to learn. It is so easy for us to access training courses and articles that further our knowledge. This has made it easier for companies to train up their employees without having to hold meeting etc. They can access files on their own time and schedule. It’s rewarding all round. Companies get the benefit of more knowledgeable staff, while the staff have the benefit of furthering themselves.

Video & Presentations

When you are trying to sell your product or service, or are just trying to host a company meeting – presentation is everything. It helps keep people engaged and interested in the point that you are making. The advancement and simplification on how we make content such as video, podcast and PowerPoint has meant that they have become much more visually and intellectually pleasing.