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We’ve all heard of the facelift, boob job and tummy tuck, but there are hundreds of procedures out there. Some are less common than others and some are completely unheard of. Here are some plastic surgery procedures that you may not have heard of, as well as where to go if you require a plastic surgeon in Scotland.

Internal Bra

This procedure is kind of similar to a breast lift. But instead uses a silicone cup attached to the rib cage with silk straps to lift the breast tissue and keep it in place.

Facial Hair Implants

Similar to a hair transplant, moustache and facial hair implants take hair from other parts of the body that have a lot of hair e.g. back, legs. This is an extremely popular procedure in the Middle East. Because due to their culture, ample and full facial hair is long sought after. This is because it is seen to be masculine, dignified and mature.

Toe Shaving

Yes, I thought this was weird when I read it too. Due to the rising effects of obesity, people who are self-conscious about the size of their toes can now opt to have them shaved down to be skinnier. They can also be shaved in length if smaller toes protrude out over main called.

So-called “Cinderella Surgery” allows you to get your toes shortened, lengthened or bunions remove.  You can even get fat injected into your foot for permanent comfort.


Liposculpture is pretty much liposuction for your legs. Predominantly woman, have been opting for surgery to remove the excess fat from their legs in order to avoid “boot bulge”. The main reason for the rise in requests for this particular procedure has to do with full leg boots coming back into fashion and people feeling like they are unable to wear them due to having larger legs.

The surgeon will start by working to remove the calf fat. Then the will sculpt the leg to the desired size. This may not be a suitable procedure for runners and swimmers as you need to have enough fat on your legs to be able to undergo this surgery.

Ball Ironing

Again, I thought this was weird when I read it too. This procedure removes hair, eliminates wrinkles and improves the scrotums overall appearance. George Clooney admitted to having it done during an interview in 2008. It seems like this is one trend that hasn’t caught on.

Ear Repair

We all remember a time when everyone had a stretcher in their ear. Ear repair surgery is predominantly used to combat the effects of this body modification. There’s a fine line between getting your earlobe stretched to a size that can heal and one that can’t, and that line is a 1.5cm circle.  This quick procedure usually only takes about 3 minutes. It can restore the lobe to its natural state by stitching it up internally.

Need a Plastic Surgeon in Scotland?

If you are interested in getting plastic surgery, then you may be wondering what the best route to take is. But when it comes to deciding on a plastic surgeon in Scotland there is one clear option that you should consider. Dr Darren McKeown is one of the best in the business, but don’t take my word for it, book a free enquiry today.