All You Need to Know About Rare Whisky and Where to Find It

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The Rare Malt Whisky Company is a leading business in the collectable rare malt whisky sector. There are many things in the world that are considered valuable and interesting enough to become a collectable. From cars to Ty Beanie Babies. The options are endless and the worth of each individual item collected will depend on a few details relating to the make or model, specific to each category. For example rare whisky is a popular collectable all over the world that can end up as quite an impressive investment. However there are people who distribute counterfeit whisky claiming it to be rare to try and scam people out of money. In order to avoid this you should read up as much as you can about the product so that you are better able to avoid being scammed. This article outlines the main things you should know about rare whisky from Scotland.

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Rare Whisky from Scotland

Scotland is famous for its whisky and has a large number of distilleries. Many of which have been in operation for over one hundred years. Scotland is split into five distinct whisky-producing regions. Although the same rudimentary production procedure is used throughout Scotland. Subtle variations give malts from each region distinct characteristics and flavours. Some of the obvious elements that cause whisky to be considered rare is if the brand is no longer in production or if a certain edition of whisky is discontinued. However there are many more comprehensive characteristics you should be aware of if you want to get a handle on the rare whisky industry. Details of the cask and the bottle design are two to look out for. As well as rum matured whisky or rum matured whisky. It will take you a bit of time and a lot of reading to get a confident handle on all the variations and specifications of rare whisky from Scotland. To help speed up your process and get you started with your collection you can seek assistance from a whisky specialist.

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The Rare Malt Whisky Company

The Rare Malt Whisky Company is a small businesses located in the countryside village of Killearn in the Scottish highlands that sources and sells the rarest malts in Scotland. The team are passionate about all things whisky and have plenty of experience working in various segments of the industry. Thus are extremely knowledgeable on all aspects. As well as having an e-commerce website that is stocked with a large choice of rare whisky. Covering a comprehensive range of brands and bottles catering to every budget and ships internationally. The Rare Malt Whisky Company offer a specialist, personalised sourcing service. This means that you can a member of the team to personally source any specific rare bottles that you have in mind. But which the store doesn’t have in stock. This is a premium service that is ideal for those who are fully invested in whisky collecting.