7 Of the Strangest Gadgets Showcased in 2018

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Drone flying in made air to demonstrate flying gadgets

As every year goes by our technology gets more advanced. It can do more, do it quicker and do it more effectively. Some of these advances are amazing – the day that driverless cars hit our roads will be a landmark. But for all the amazing, useful technologies we get that there are the weird and wonderful gadgets that come from people’s minds. In previous years we have seen a lot of strange – such as Nike’s self-lacing shoes. At the CES 2018 Convention in Las Vegas some of the strangest gadgets we have seen were showcased, here are seven of the best:

·        Kohler Numi

Sometimes there gets to a stage when people ask how far is too far when it comes to technology? Well the limit might just be the Kohler Numi. In what can be described as something seen out of a sci-fi movie comes this smart toilet. Some of this toilets features include voice activation, opening and closing automatically as you enter/leave, and preheating the seat to your desired temperature.

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·        Kuri

Kuri is a small domestic robot that has some wonderful technology and minds behind it. Some of its features are playing your favourite podcasts and music, sit and listen to children talking to it and welcoming you home every day. But it also has some features that can only be described as creepy. It will record you at all times, and can just silently sit there as you get changed.

·        Modius

We are living in a world that is obsessed with health and body image. The creators of Modius have tried to take advantage of this trend and come up with one of the strangest gadgets we have ever seen. Simply place on the Modius head gear and it will send electric pulses to our brain in order to decrease our appetite and help us lose weight. The creators say that using it for just an hour a day will see a change…

·        Foldimate

If you’ve ever thought that what you were missing from a friendship is that they don’t fold your clothes for you then you are in luck… This heavy machine can fold in between 20 to 40 items in just five minutes and can fold items all the way up to large bed sheets.

Little girl holding hands with a robot at a gadgets store

·        Aee Selfly

This is taking selfies to a whole other level. Put this case on your phone and it also operates as a drone, meaning that you can get that perfect selfie angle without having to use your hands. Four smaller propellers fold out of the case as your phone flies in to the sky. Seems a bit much for a picture, doesn’t it?

·        Strangest Gadgets: Somnox

Somnox is a kidney shaped cushion that breathes alongside you as you fall asleep. It can even play audiobooks, white noise or lullabies if that helps you. But it is the breathing part that we can’t get past… That would give us nightmares rather than a good night’s sleep.

·        Spartan Anti-Radiation Boxers

Men’s boxers are used for one purpose only – as underwear. But the people over at Spartan have come up with this somewhat strange idea. These boxers are made with 35% silver fibres woven it to them in order to blockade to “99%” of mobile and Wi-Fi signals to protect your private parts. To each their own I guess…