Exercising Habits That Will Help Get You in Shape

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Getting in shape can be tough, especially if you have neglected it for a while. By using exercising habits you will be able to keep going for longer. Giving up after a few weeks can seem like the easy option – you may be thinking that you’ve done enough to deserve a break but then fall back into the routine of not doing any exercise. These habits will help keep you as determined and focused as ever – helping you get into shape.

1.      Variety

It can be easy when you are starting out exercising again to just stick to what you know. Many people will go to the gym and spend the whole time on the treadmill. But this can lead to boredom and lack of motivation. Do a lot of different activities and sports in order to stay motivated – it will also give you more enjoyment while doing so.

2.      Use a Friend

A great exercising habit is to do it with a friend or a group of people. If you start to make exercising plans with people then you are more likely to keep them, as you won’t want to let the other person down. You will also be more likely to motivate each other and can stop boredom from setting in as you have someone there to chat to.

3.      Prioritise It

It has to become one of your main priorities if you want to succeed. Stick to your exercising plans and make sure that you get into a routine. Don’t start saying things such as “oh I’ll do it later” or “I deserve a rest today” because this can then lead to you giving up entirely.

4.      Early Morning Workouts

The best time to do your daily workout is in the early morning. Do it before work, school or even wake up early on your days off. It not only can help with the routine side of things but will also lead to you being more proactive during the day. Even if you think that you aren’t a morning person, you’ll soon find the benefits of becoming one.

5.      After Work

If early morning isn’t a possibility for you then try after school or work. Don’t go straight home after work as this can often mean you plant yourself on the sofa and don’t move for the rest of the night. By heading to the gym or going for a run straight after your shift – you will again see a routine occurring.

6.      No Excuses

Do not start to say that you are “too tired” to do exercise. Even if you are feeling lethargic and just want to rest – it is likely that you will actually feel better after working out. It will energise the body and mind, making you feel better about yourself.

7.      Keep a Log

There are tons of apps out there that will help you keep a log of the exercise activities you do. This is a great way of tracking progress and seeing how you are improving. By seeing improvements measured on a screen you can become further motivated in order to keep improving.

8.      Exercising Habits: Walk More

Often it can be too easy to take the bus, train or car somewhere. Take more walks when you need to go somewhere or just for pleasure. This is a great exercising habit to get in to. Not only are you getting some fresh air but are also burning calories while you go.