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Main Parts of the ISO 27001 Audit You Need To Know

Audits are essential in helping organisations attain ISO 27001 certification. An auditor must perform both internal and external audits during this certification process to assess whether your ISMS complies with its standard. The Stage 1 audit involves reviewing documentation that covers your policies and procedures, interviewing staff members, observing operational processes, and collecting evidence against employees who violate them. Stage 1 Once your organisation has successfully completed the audit preparation phase, addressed any risks identified in its initial ISO 27001 audit, implemented controls

How Digital Media Helps the Fashion Industry

Several fashion brands have discovered the benefits of digital media. They have increased their investment in social media and can now engage with consumers on a much more personal level. This way, they can communicate directly with their loyal customers and announce exciting new developments. In addition, it can help them to reach a wider audience by working with celebrities. These celebrities can create more influence on a group of people and can increase sales for the brand. These companies are

Hi8 to DVD

Rediscovering Your Old Media Hi8 To DVD

Rediscovering your old media can often be an enjoyable and enlightening journey. One of the most popular forms of digital conversion and restoration going on in the present day is converting Hi8 to DVD. Hi8 is 8mm film which was originally used in old film projectors , in addition to this , this was also used in older style cameras. Why Is Preserving Older Media Important? Overall, there are a variety of different ways why considering preserving older media is important.