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Main Parts of the ISO 27001 Audit You Need To Know

Audits are essential in helping organisations attain ISO 27001 certification. An auditor must perform both internal and external audits during this certification process to assess whether your ISMS complies with its standard. The Stage 1 audit involves reviewing documentation that covers your policies and procedures, interviewing staff members, observing operational processes, and collecting evidence against employees who violate them. Stage 1 Once your organisation has successfully completed the audit preparation phase, addressed any risks identified in its initial ISO 27001 audit, implemented controls

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A Short Guide To Air Compressor Service

Air compressor service maintenance helps ensure production runs on schedule, so productivity doesn’t slow down due to unscheduled production delays. Preventive maintenance costs tend to be relatively affordable and help minimise production times being extended due to slowdowns. Regularly check oil and other lubricants according to your manual. A quick way of checking for air leaks is by sprinkling soapy water around the compressor while it is running; bubbles will appear wherever there are leaks. Check the oil level. Maintaining your compressor’s

Leaflet Printing Types in Glasgow

Depending on the type of leaflet you want to print in Glasgow, there are various leaflet printing options for you to determine your decision from. Some of the common types include Colour A4 and A5 leaflet printing in Glasgow. A5 leaflet printing Using a5 leaflet printing in Glasgow can be a cost effective way to promote your business. With a range of sizes and designs to choose from, you can find a suitable marketing tool that will get your message

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7 Of the Strangest Gadgets Showcased in 2018

As every year goes by our technology gets more advanced. It can do more, do it quicker and do it more effectively. Some of these advances are amazing – the day that driverless cars hit our roads will be a landmark. But for all the amazing, useful technologies we get that there are the weird and wonderful gadgets that come from people’s minds. In previous years we have seen a lot of strange – such as Nike’s self-lacing shoes. At