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Project Description

With many disciplines and varieties of Paddlesports there is something for everyone – from recreational tours at your own pace on calm water, to competitive racing and challenges of rapidly moving water. It provides opportunities to experience different environments, often inaccessible from foot and to develop new skills, which you can take on further adventures across the UK.

What to bring

The club or organisation will provide the equipment, including paddles, boat, personal floatation devices and helmets (required for white water).
There is no need to go out and buy and special clothing, old clothes are fine. You should wear clothing and trainers you would not mind becoming wet, that are comfortable and lightweight.
You may also wish to bring a towel and dry set of clothes.
In colder weather conditions several thin layers are advised, and perhaps a waterproof.

How much will I exert myself?

It is as active as you choose it to be, keep things more leisurely if you want to take in the great outdoors or step it up a gear by challenging yourself against the elements or other people.


These supervised sessions could begin in swimming pools, progressing to outdoor sessions or may begin in the open water.
There are risks associated with any water based activity but thorough safety briefings and training we will arm participants with knowledge to stay safe. It is advisable to be able to swim 50m in a buoyancy aid, which should be worn at all times. Capsizing can happen but participants are instructed to stay with the boat.

Just the beginning…

You may try it for the pleasure or fitness aspects but if you find that you enjoy it enough to carry on after the sessions end, it can be a rewarding new hobby to enjoy solo, or even as part of a team or family.

British Canoe Union is the national governing body of the sport, please visit their website for further information, including potential clubs and leagues to join; and to read more about iniatives aimed specifically for female particpants visit