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Project Description

The world’s most popular sport is played between two teams of eleven players using a spherical ball. It is normally played on a rectangular field of grass or synthetic surface but small sided and indoor versions exist such as 5-a-side and Futsal. Get Back Into Football offers the chance for you to rekindle your love of the beautiful game in a friendly, social and non-competitive environment with coaches on hand to help you improve your skills.

What to bring?
General sportswear and trainers (studded boots or synthetic surface shoes if you have them)
Shin pads are recommended

How much will I exert myself?
As much as you want! Football can be a high tempo game that requires high exertion levels but Get Back Into Football offers the sport in a friendly and non-competitive environment.

Limited contact is allowed in football, however, with the use of shin pads and under the jurisdiction of a referee, injuries are limited.

Just the beginning…
For more information on local clubs and where to play football after the Get Back Into scheme, please visit