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Golf is a sport traditionally played on a course that has 18 holes, of varying length. Each hole is given a “par”, which is the ideal number of shots it should take you to complete the hole.  Your score is compared with this ideal score.  Most competitions are played over 18 holes.  Men and women play from different starting points (tees) on each hole, to allow for the difference in the length of their shots. Juniors may also play from different tees, depending on their ability. Get Back Into Golf caters for complete beginners as well as those wanting to improve their current game.

What to bring
Comfotable clothing and shoes (trainers are allowed). No golf shoes and clubs are needed.

How much will I exert myself?
Sessions range from beginners sessions to intermediate and are designed to be a gentle introduction to the sport, however, you will have to be fit enough to walk reasonable distances. You will learn everything from the basics of how to hold the club correctly to more in-depth details on how to improve your swing.

Just the beginning…
Please visit either of the following websites for information about further golf opportunities after the sessions end; or

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