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Project Description

Almost everyone can ride a bike and it’s only a small step to start to build your fitness and endurance.  Cycling is a sport the whole family can participate in together, whether they are cycling for pleasure or competing at the highest level.

What to bring

Comfortable clothes and shoes.

How much will I exert myself?

Cycling is a wonderful way to keep fit without damaging risk of injury.  Because it is non weight-bearing, cycling provides superb aerobic exercise with minimal impact on joints.

Just the beginning…

The different branches of the sport have their own specialised bikes and clothing, but anyone can train and improve their fitness on a relatively cheap mountain or road bike.  Even when buying a bike purely for leisure use, you should pay particular attention to size and fit – visit a dealer who is prepared to spend time making the machine comfortable for you.

For more information visit the British Cycling Federation website;